Poverty Data for Michigan Communities

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Step 1: Select community and Dataset

For guidance on which dataset to use and other technical information on poverty statistics:

Population Size Available Datasets
> 65,000 people ACS 2006-2010, ACS 2008-2010, ACS 2010
> 20,000 people ACS 2006-2010, ACS 2008-2010
All Places ACS 2006-2010


Step 2: Select a demographic of poverty

Poverty data for all Individuals or for persons with different demographic characteristics
  • Sex by Race
  • Age by Race
  • Employment Status by Sex (persons 16 and older)
  • Educational Attainment by Sex (persons 25 and older)
  • Disability Status by Labor Participation (persons 20 -64)
Poverty data for families, and how it varies based on:
  • Number of workers in the family
  • Structure of Families with Children by Race
  • Educational Attainment of Householder
  • Labor Force Participation of Householder
Some labels have been truncated to fit in the charts. EX:
  • Black or African American >> Black
  • Hispanic or Latino >> Latino
  • American Indian and Alaska Native >> Am.Indian

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